Our Approach

IASG Alternatives believes in the power of managed futures to enhance your portfolio and help you meet your investment goals. Whether you’re an individual investor or the head of a trust or investment firm, you can count on us to guide you with the service, support, and knowledge you need to invest wisely in alternatives.

The Managed Futures Experts Since 1992

Our affiliated company, IASG was founded in 1992 with one important goal: to help investors understand and take advantage of managed futures and other smart alternative investments.  A lot has changed since we began, the futures industry has grown significantly as more investors see the benefits of futures for diversification.  IASG Alternatives endeavors to help more investors gain access to managers through managed account platforms so they to can find choices that fit their risk tolerance and portfolio objectives.       

Potential Benefits of Investing in Managed Futures

  • All-weather performance potential. Because of the ability to trade long or short, managed futures have the potential to generate profits in both rising and falling markets—an invaluable characteristic in today’s volatile global markets.
  • Improved portfolio risk and return profile. When added to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds, managed futures have the potential to reduce volatility and enhance the returns of the entire portfolio, boosting overall portfolio efficiency.
  • Low correlation to traditional investments. Historically, managed futures have exhibited low correlation to other asset classes. Because of this, they can potentially serve as an effective diversifier for your stock and bond portfolio during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Powerful diversification opportunities. With 6 sectors, 150+ markets, and highly flexible investment timeframes and strategies, managed futures trading programs give you the ability to add broad, global diversification to your portfolio.
  • Transparency you can trust. Unlike some alternative investments, managed futures offer sector transparency and daily return data, so you know exactly what your investments are doing at all times.