Portfolio Monitoring & Management

When you invest with IASG Alternatives, you get a portfolio management partner you can rely on. We continuously monitor your futures investments, making sure you stay on track to meet performance goals.

Ongoing Monitoring

Constructing your Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) portfolio is just the beginning. Our team of experts continues to monitor your overall portfolio, each individual manager, and market conditions at large—recommending strategic adjustments as needed. We’re always looking for ways to reduce risk, enhance returns, and increase your chances for long-term investment success.

Portfolio Insight 

Get a better understanding of how your portfolio is performing with Insight, our proprietary reporting tool available exclusively to IASG Alternative clients. Insight makes it easy to review your portfolio activity, track performance, and monitor daily volatility, Sharpe ratio, S&P correlation, and market diversification—among other useful analytics.

Full-Service Support

Whether you have questions about your account, an active trade, a specific manager or program, or managed futures in general, you can count on the IASG Alternatives team. We’re fully dedicated to helping you succeed in the alternative investment space. Whatever you need, we’ll be there.